TOUCH International Ltd

Contact Person: Leong Lai Cheng
Telephone Number: +65 6377 0122
Fax Number: +65 6377 0121
Website Address:
Address: 162, Bukit Merah Central #05-3545 Singapore 150162
Company Registration Number: 200614290G

Charity Status for TOUCH International Ltd

Charity Reg. No.: 02023
Charity Reg. Date: 24 May 2007
Co. Reg. No.: 200614290G
Date of Incorporation: 28 September 2009
IPC Status: No (All donations to TOUCH International are non-tax exemptible)

The work of TOUCH International (TI) started in 1999. TI was officially registered in 24 May 2007.

Board of Directors

Directors: Lawrence Khong Kin Hoong / Chew Robert / Peh Lai Gek / Lim How Chuen Clement / Tan Wee Kian / Lee Li Neng

Strategic Thrusts

  1. Collaborative partnerships and alliances
  2. People-centred, family focused and community based
  3. Culture of honor and the next generation
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