TOUCH International (TI) is committed to ensure prudent use of its resources in ensuring cost-effectiveness and accountability in all its operations. To further improve corporate governance, TI has put in place financial controls and procedures to ensure transparency and accountability and to safeguard the integrity of the financial reporting. Audited financial statements are published annually. Specific project evaluations are also carried out to assess the effectiveness of its programmes in meeting client needs.

TI relies on its own fundraising efforts to meet the rest of its financial needs. In 2019, TI received income totalling $1.159 million and a deficit of $175,877.


Direct charitable Expenses:

Includes programme staff cost and cost of providing services and running programmes for clients.

Indirect charitable Expenses:

Operations / Administration includes rental, utilities, printing, stationery, transport, telecommunications, IT expenses, professional fees and support staff cost.

For a detailed financial report, please visit the Charity Portal Website.
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