Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan

When Typhoon Haiyan hit on 8 Nov 2013, Mdm Taulagon, a poor 74 years old widow life was in distress. The whole house collapsed in the wind and rain. Around her broken hut, there were no trees and she was completely unsheltered from the elements especially the scorching sun. Touch International told her that they would help.
A team of nine volunteers from Touch International was sent to help rebuild Mdm Taulagon’s house. The team wasted no time upon their arrival and everyone was very focused on completing the house. The hard work paid off on the last day with tears of joy when the volunteers from Touch International presented the little yellow house built on solid rocks to Mdm Taulagon. She was visibly touched and her countenance sparkled.

To rebuild a community requires many hands across different levels to make it work. Touch International will continue to send more volunteer rebuilding teams to the Philippines.

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