Nepal: Rebuilding

Nepal Earthquake Response and Rebuild - Built transitional shelters and permanent homes in the earthquake-stricken areas.

On 25 April 2015, a massive initial 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by thousands of aftershocks, of which a strong 7.3 magnitude aftershock on 12 May 2015 devastated Nepal. This earthquake affected more than 8 million people by causing destruction of homes, infrastructure and services, 8891 people were killed and a total of US$7 billion of financial loss.

Our Immediate Response

TOUCH International sent an advanced team to Nepal on a needs assessment and fact-finding mission. We managed to identify the real needs of the local community and subsequently, planned and recruited volunteers for the disaster relief work.
A second volunteer team was recruited and sent to Nepal to train a local organisation to plan and execute relief operations. Due to scarcity of food and clean water, TI set up a water filtration system, administered first aid and donated 250 bags of essential relief goods to the locals. Team members also offered a listening ear and provided encouragement to locals who shared harrowing experiences of the earthquake while there. TOUCH International responded to the immediate post impact by providing additional emergency food supplies benefiting some almost 300 families and contributed towards the construction of more than 200 transitional shelters.

Our Post Recovery/Rebuild Programs

TOUCH International provided 500 back-to-school kits to benefit and encourage children to return to school.
Nepal has been an ongoing project in TI as we continue to send teams of volunteer to rebuild their homes and conduct programmes in schools since the earthquake hit Nepal in 2015.

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