Japan: Official Launch - Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Centre

A series of earthquakes of magnitude 6.2 and 7.0 rocked southern Japan, Kumamoto in April 2016. This disaster reported a death toll of 49 and more than 3,000 injured. Thousands of survivors are living in constant stress due to the aftershocks. Many lives are disrupted as homes were destroyed or rendered temporary uninhabitable.

TOUCH International immediate response was to help the families to remove unwanted items and even recovered some of their valuable possessions. We partner with the local organisation, Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center (KCDRC) 九州キリスト災害支援センター to deliver material and psychosocial support to the affected communities. KCDRC rallied thousands of volunteers from within and outside of Japan to serve Kyushu community. Through this disaster, we saw an overflowing of compassion in many individuals who so desire to rebuild the broken lives.

Still, there are numerous challenges that lie ahead but TOUCH International is committed to support Kyushu community in this arduous journey.

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