What we do

Transforming communities with hope

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We provide immediate post impact response on nations devastated by natural disasters through engaging volunteers and collaborating with local authorities and organizations. TOUCH International have assisted numerous beneficiaries by taking care of the immediate needs arising from the humanitarian relief such as medical support, food security, temporary shelter and mucking out homes by removing debris, damaged goods and sediment.

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We are committed to rebuild the communities by working together with the local organizations to develop lasting solutions to their most pressing needs and challenges. TOUCH International not only respond to the initial damage sustained from a natural disaster, our rebuild assistance program has brought new homes, schools and integrated elder care, clean water, a means of livelihood as well as confidence and hope to many affected families and communities in various parts of China, Japan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

We work hand in hand with local communities to solve challenges related to health, education, economic opportunity and rural development. By engaging and empowering communities in solution and execution, we are able to roll out programs that address specifically to their needs in the most effective and efficient way.


We strongly believe in the untapped potential of an individual desiring to make a difference. Thus, in TOUCH International, opportunities for volunteerism has been one of our key focus. For many years, we have been a platform for many compassionate volunteers to reach others in distress to regain hope. We have several oversea volunteer programs throughout the year opened for those who wants to volunteer abroad to provide direct disaster assistance, to affected individuals and families.

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